General Cannabis, Inc. Contracts

As the prospectus states, the company is “not engaged in the growing, harvesting, cultivation, possession, or distribution of cannabis.” Instead, it is a service provider to the medicinal cannabis industry in the areas of media, technology, medical clinic management, merchant credit card processing, and marketing.

You can find the contracts harvested from the Form S-1 filing on the website now.

Obvious risk factors:

  • Some of the business activities of some of our customers, while believed to be compliant with applicable state law, are illegal under federal law. If our customers are closed by law enforcement authorities, it will materially and adversely affect our business.
  • Because the business activities of some of our customers is illegal under federal law, we may be deemed to be aiding and abetting illegal activities through the services that we provide to those customers. As a result, we may be subject to actions by law enforcement authorities, which would materially and adversely affect our business.
  • Our websites are visible in jurisdictions where medicinal use of cannabis is not permitted, and as a result we may be found to be violating the laws of those jurisdictions.
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