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FindLaw Finds New CEO in Scott Kinney

Last year, Scott Kinney joined FindLaw as the Vice President of Strategic Marketing. Recently, he became the new CEO of FindLaw. You can read Scott Kinney’s employment agreement from his days at

When I worked at FindLaw many years ago, Tim Stanley was the CEO. Nowadays, Tim runs a law firm web design company. If you are considering a new web site for your law firm or have an existing FindLaw FirmSite, be sure to call the folks at Justia and see the Search Engine Optimized Web Sites they can design for you.

corporate buzz


New York Times: Behind China’s Bid for Unocal: A Costly Quest for Energy Control. From the dusty plains of East Africa to the shores of the Caspian Sea, China is seeking to loosen the grip of the United States on world energy resources and secure the fuel it needs to keep its economy in overdrive.

There certainly is a lot of commotion over foreigners buying American oil companies. However, BP did acquire ARCO, and the B in BP stand for British. Maybe that one doesn’t count since the Brits are members of the coalition of the willing. They’re practically American. They even speak English. How about Shell? Oops, they’re not American, they’re Dutch and are members of the coalition as well. I guess if CNOOC really wants to acquire Unocal, it should petition the Chinese government to join the coalition, if it’s not too late. I guess that all depends on whether or not the insurgents are in their last throes. Here’s a funny tidbit:

White House Press Release on Coalition Members:

  • “The Coalition will also liberate the Iraqi people from one of the worst tyrants and most brutal regimes on earth.”
  • “Forty-six countries are publicly committed to the Coalition, including…Uganda.”
  • Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – 2004 (Uganda):

  • “The Government’s human rights record remained poor.”
  • “Security forces committed unlawful killings and were responsible for short-term disappearances.”
  • “Torture by security forces and beating of suspects to force confessions were serious problems.”
  • What next? Will Saddam be joining the coalition of the willing to liberate the North Koreans? Anyways, I’ve added Unocal contracts to the site, including the merger agreement between Unocal and ChevronTexaco.

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    Haier Bid for Maytag

    Xinhua: Haier Raises Bid to US2.25b for Maytag. Chinese home appliance maker Haier Group had raised its bidding price for U.S. appliance group Maytag Corp. to US$2.25 billion from the previous US$1.28 billion, the China Business News reported.

    The floodgates will really open if China accedes to Washington’s demands and relaxes the fixed dollar-RMB peg it currently maintains. Imagine, American companies suddenly becoming 10-30% cheaper. I’ve added Maytag contracts to the site, including the original merger agreement between Maytag and Ripplewood, which sparked this bidding war.

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    Apology for Exposing 40 Million Credit Cards to Fraud…Priceless

    InformationWeek: Phishers Jump on Credit-Card Breach. When MasterCard went public last week with news that a security breach exposed more than 40 million cards to fraud, customers weren’t the only ones interested. Phishers picked up on it, too, and quickly launched a campaign to piggyback on the blunder.

    Just take a glance at Google news and you’ll see that the identity theft worries over the MasterCard security breach have jumped overseas. Welcome to the next American export. I’ve posted MasterCard contracts online.

    Other recent additions include Infodata Systems contracts, Celsion contracts, Salmedix contracts and Rackable Systems contracts.


    No Shower Curtains in Prison

    San Francisco Chronicle/New York Times: Tyco’s Kozlowski Guilty of Fraud. Dennis Kozlowski, the former chairman and chief executive of Tyco International, and his top lieutenant were convicted Friday on fraud, conspiracy and grand larceny charges, bringing an end to a three-year-long case that came to symbolize an era of corporate greed and scandal.

    I don’t think they have $6,080 shower curtains in prison. On the Tyco International Ltd. contracts page, you can find Dennis Kozlowski’s Retention Agreement, Mark Schwartz’s Retention Agreement and Mark Schwartz’s Severance Agreement.

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    MTV VJ Contract…Revealed

    Legal SEO Blog: PodCasts – Directories for Legal PodCasts (BlawgCasts), Software, How-to and…Adam Curry. Now to promote your PodCast… Let’s start with Adam Curry – Mac User – who has set up a directory I use called, where you can have your RSS 2.0 feed listed in the PodCast Directory… and it is just one of many PodCast directories to find and submit your PodCast.

    Adam Curry, an ex-VJ at MTV, formerly worked for THINK New Ideas, Inc. Anyways, I’ve added THINK New Ideas contracts to the web site, including Adam Curry’s Employment Agreement.