No Right to Privacy

Valleywag: Wear Tinfoil Hats When Using Adobe Products. You’re not the only one watching what you do in Adobe Creative Suite 3, the company’s ubiquitous photo-and-design software package. Adobe is watching you, too.

Yeah, so is AT&T and the CIA. By now, you should have figured out that all your online activities are being monitored. So much for the anonymous web. But, when I run a local application, why does it have to log my activity with a third party? John Nack on Adobe answers, but seriously. Giving Adobe the benefit of the doubt? Hey, most of us don’t even trust our own government, but that’s another story. I’ve posted the Omniture Inc. contracts to the collection.


Hakuna Matata

Silicon Alley Insider: Accoona IPO: RIP. Accoona, the odd New Jersey e-commerce company that thought it was a search company, has finally given up on its quixotic quest to go public.

OK, Baidu surprised me, but is there really room for yet another search engine? Google works pretty well most of the time. However, I’ve seen Google fail before when it does not return any relevant result on some of my long tail searches. I’ve added Accoona Corp. contracts to the site. However, several are as PDFs because they curiously filed many of their material contracts as scanned images instead of as text.


Les Contrats Dangereuses

RCR Wireless News: Sidekick Maker Danger to go IPO Route. Danger Inc., the “software-as-service” company that enables data and Internet services to T-Mobile USA Inc.’s Sidekick devices, will pursue an initial public offering to pay down $7.2 million in debt and raise working capital, the company said.

I’ve posted the Danger Inc. contracts to the website. Potentially interesting documents include their contracts with T-Mobile and Motorola.

cease and desist

Groundhog Day

We received this pleasant e-mail this morning.

I am legal counsel for Ness USA, Inc. f/k/a Apar Infotech corporation and I am writing to warn that you have a contract of ours on your website which constitutes copyright infringement. Please be advised that if the Extended Development Center Agreement is not removed from your site within 24 hours, we will be forced to pursue legal action. If you have any questions, please contact me.

The only interesting thing about this e-mail was that we received the SAME communication from the SAME company about the SAME contract 3 1/2 years ago, which you can read at Chilling Effects.

severance agreement

Sub-Prime Surprise

Each day, the sub-prime lending miscalculation is looking more and more like a repeat of the meltdown. First, the fringe companies fall. Then a few name brand companies are claimed. Finally, the blue chips take their hit. I’ve updated the Citigroup contracts to include the Charles Prince’s Severance Agreement.