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Idol Confidential

Sony sent me an e-mail this morning:

I am an attorney at SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (“SONY BMG”), and it has come to our attention that the link on oneCLE’s website found at contains a highly confidential contract between Sony BMG’s UK affiliate and various other entities relating to the American Idol series. We hereby request that the contract be immediately removed from the above-referenced link and any other site within the control of oneCLE. We also request that you inform us how oneCLE came into the possession of this confidential agreement. Please confirm by return email that the link(s) have been removed.

This letter is written without prejudice to or waiver of the claims, rights, remedies and/or defenses of Sony BMG and its affiliates, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.


Wade Leak
Vice President and Senior Counsel
550 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Not too sure how confidential a contract is if one of the parties to the contract has filed it with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

I wonder if Sony will be asking the SEC to remove this link as well: Exhibit 10.31.

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Pretty funny – they don’t even know their own contracts are public records. “Mr. Big Bird, please meet Mr. Internet

Funny how corporations forget that public information (and PBS should really understand this) is public after all. There is nothing illegal in posting public information. I’d suggest EFF is they get really nasty about this numbskullery. Keep up the good work – too bad people are so confused about the fact that SEC information is a matter of Public Records.

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