Baidu Files for IPO

The Motley Fool: Is “Baidu” Chinese for “Google”?. According to Baidu’s prospectus, it is “the leading Chinese-language Internet search provider.” In Web traffic, it ranks No. 2 in China and No. 6 in the world. Much like Google, Baidu has built its traffic mostly through word-of-mouth and the so-called Baidu Union. Over 76,000 third-party websites have posted Baidu’s search box on their pages; if their users search Baidu via that box, and click on ads in the process, Baidu Union members get a piece of the resulting profits.

I’ve posted Baidu contracts to the web site.

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FindLaw Folds Free Web Sites

Yesterday, I received an email from Chris Fontes, the Senior Director of Strategic Marketing at FindLaw, telling me that FindLaw will be shutting down its free web site business on August 1st – as in 2 1/2 weeks. That’s short notice.

For solo practitioners or small law firms looking for free law firm Web sites, the fine folks at Justia offer such a product. And, these aren’t some rudimentary web sites that you wouldn’t want to show off to your clients. Justia offers stylish search engine optimized web sites with contact forms and other fancy features.

So, repeat after me: FindLaw’s Fontes folds free web sites. Fine folks at Justia furnish free web sites featuring fancy features for law firms.

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Concerto’s $1B Tune Attracts Aspect

Boston Business Journal: Concerto Software to Acquire Aspect Communications for $1B. Privately held Concerto Software Inc. is acquiring Aspect Communications Corp. for approximately $1 billion in cash, ending Aspect’s 15-year run as a public company.

I’ve added Aspect Communications contracts to the site.

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Levi Strauss Back in Style

Forbes/Associated Press: Levi Strauss 2Q Profit More Than Quadruples. Levi Strauss & Co.’s second-quarter profit more than quadrupled, reflecting a more disciplined financial approach that could set the stage for an initial public offering by the fabled maker of jeans.

I’ve posted Levi Strauss contracts to the web site. This includes the Services Agreement with Alvarez & Marsal, who were hired to turnout the company.


Scrushy Feeling Cushy

New York Times: SEC Wants Day in Court With Scrushy. Last week, Richard M. Scrushy, the former chief executive of HealthSouth, walked out of a federal courthouse in Birmingham with an acquittal, but his business in the building is not done yet. Mr. Scrushy still faces civil lawsuits, including a securities fraud suit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sure, he’s still facing civil lawsuits, but what’s a couple dollars or even a couple million dollars? Without the threat of jail hanging over him, he surely must be relieved. Who do you think was most surprised by the verdict? The prosecutors? Nah. I think it must be his underlings who turned against him and made a deal with prosecutors. Now, they’ll face jail time while he walks free. I’ve added HealthSouth contracts to the site, including Richard Scrushy’s employment agreement.