Scrushy Feeling Cushy

New York Times: SEC Wants Day in Court With Scrushy. Last week, Richard M. Scrushy, the former chief executive of HealthSouth, walked out of a federal courthouse in Birmingham with an acquittal, but his business in the building is not done yet. Mr. Scrushy still faces civil lawsuits, including a securities fraud suit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sure, he’s still facing civil lawsuits, but what’s a couple dollars or even a couple million dollars? Without the threat of jail hanging over him, he surely must be relieved. Who do you think was most surprised by the verdict? The prosecutors? Nah. I think it must be his underlings who turned against him and made a deal with prosecutors. Now, they’ll face jail time while he walks free. I’ve added HealthSouth contracts to the site, including Richard Scrushy’s employment agreement.