Randy Travis Personal Management Agreement

From Elizabeth Travis Management, Inc. v. Randy Travis, you can find a personal management agreement that is at the center of their lawsuit. The agreement starts at page 13 of 25 from Attachment 1 to the Notice of Removal.


Dubai World Contracts

Found some Dubai World contracts. Also found an interesting Mike Tyson contract from the MGM Mirage filings.

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College Football or Football College?

When West Virginia University sued Coach Richard Rodrigez, it was kind enough to attach copies of his employment agreement. Take a glance at the types of incentives that some universities pay to head football coaches.

  • Season Ticket Sales. $10,000 for 30,000 tickets, $20,000 for $35,000 tickets, and $30,000 for 40,000 tickets.
  • Student Academic Achievement. $10,000 for a “satisfactory evaluation.”
  • Regular Season Title. $75,000 for Big East title.
  • Bowl Appearance. $25,000 for Non-BCS Bowl and $75,000 for Bowl Championship Series appearance.
  • National Championship $150,000. (Does not mention according to which poll).
  • Final Ranking. $15,000 for final Top 25 ranking and $25,000 for final Top 10 ranking in ESPN/USA Today or AP polls.
  • GPA. $10,000 for team GPA of 2.65 or better.
  • Graduation. $10,000 if 60% or more of recruits fulfill their eligibility and graduate from WVU within five years.
  • Coaching Awards. $10,000 for Big East Conferenced Coach of the Year and $20,000 for National Coach of the Year.

If you are tabulating the results, that’s $30,000 for academic-related incentives and $385,000 for winning football games and putting fans in the seats. The sad part of these incentives is that the academic targets are so low while the athletic targets are so high. 2.65 GPA? That’s like giving a $10,000 incentive to finish 7-6.

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Dan Marino Stockholders Agreement

Hollywood Reporter: Digital Domain Enters IPO Ring. The market for initial public offerings is getting interesting, with a special effects company filing for an IPO, while a social networking firm has canceled one. The effects company, Digital Domain, wants to raise about $100 million to pay off debt and maybe produce films, apparently in an attempt to compete with the DreamWorks Animation and Disney’s Pixar Animation, though an executive declined comment Wednesday.

I’ve added Digital Domain contracts, which include a Stockholders Agreement with Dan Marino.


Presidential Sex Scandal

Associated Press: Conservatives Upset at Romney for Not Doing More to Halt On-Demand Porn at Marriotts. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, who rails against the “cesspool” of pornography, is being criticized by social conservatives who argue that he should have tried to halt hardcore hotel movie offerings during his near-decade on the Marriott board.

Here’s the Service Agreement between On Command Corp. and Marriott International Inc. that makes all that on-demand porn possible. Mitt Romney is in a bind here. From the left, Al Sharpton criticizes Mitt Romney for not really believing in God. From the right, the social conservatives criticize Romney for, uh, not being Mormon enough.

Next up, prohibitionists against Romney because Marriott sells alcohol. Then, the American Dental Association opposing Romney because Marriott sells caffeinated sodas? You can find the rest of the On Command Corp. contracts on the site as well.

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Brand It Like Beckham

New York Times: The Butler, a Confidence and a Profit of $48,000. Regulators say they have solved an insider trading mystery: It was the butler in the poolside office with the fax machine. Graham J. Lefford was accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday of illegally trading on confidential information that he gleaned in 2004 from his boss’s $100 million purchase of a controlling stake of the rights to Elvis Presley’s image and likeness.

You may not have heard of CKX, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKXE), but I’m sure you’ve heard of David Beckham, Muhammad Ali and American Idol. You can find these and other celebrity CKX contracts on the website now.