UTEK Uncovered UTEK Update. The top company in UTEK Corp.’s securities portfolio has encountered a series of setbacks in its attempt to commercialize a powder-coating technology for kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and other wood products.

UTEK Corp. contracts have been posted. You will find some alliance and license agreements with various educational institutions.

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Xethanol Xamined Xethanol Corp.. Xethanol Corp. bills itself as a biotechnology-driven ethanol company that can turn wood chips, corn stalks and paper sludge into cheap alternative fuel. But a investigation found no evidence that Xethanol (XNL: AMEX) has produced significant quantities of ethanol from those raw materials.

Sharesleuth is the latest project of Mark Cuban and Chris Carey. The premise of this venture is that Sharesleuth will expose companies suspected of securities fraud and corporate chicanery and Mark will short their shares. Interesting…

I’ve added Xethanol Corp. contracts to the web site.

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