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Big Bird Jumps on the Bandwagon

So, I get a letter regarding an American Idol contract yesterday. Today, Big Bird pays an unwelcome visit. Yes, that tall, cute yellow bird.

On your website at the following address You have posted an agreement dated June 28, 1999 between CTW and LookSmart Ltd.

Sesame Workshop (formerly known as CTW) has not granted permission for this contract to be posted on the internet. The terms and conditions of this contract are confidential. Sesame Workshop is the owner of the contract and your posting of the contract without our permission infringes our valuable rights. Please remove the contract immediately and contact me to confirm your agreement to this request. Sesame Workshop reserves all its rights and claims in connection with this matter.

Very truly yours,

Richard Siegmeister, Counsel
Legal & Business Affairs
Sesame Workshop
One Lincoln Plaza
New York, NY 10023

What do you think of Big Bird now? I’m not sure what so confidential about a contract that was included in a Form S-1/A securities filing that LookSmart had filed back on July 27, 1999. Yes, the SEC’s own website had been displaying the contract online since…oh the previous millenium. 😉

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I thought that non-compete agreements didn’t hold up in California. Perhaps that’s true only when the pockets of the company you’ll be sued by are not as deep as Apple’s.

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