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Hunton and Williams Partnership Agreement

Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Hunton & Williams In Flap With Former Partners . Is Hunton & Williams doing right by its former partners? According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month and conversations with former partners, the answer might be no.

The WSJ reports on a lawsuit between Hunton & Williams and some of its former partners. You can read all the details over on their site, as well as view a copy of the complaint. I’ve extracted the Hunton & Williams Partnership Agreement from the complaint, OCR’d, spellchecked and formatted it, for those who are interested. However, there are bound to be some errors that the spellchecker didn’t pick up. Here’s a more printer-friendly version of the partnership agreement. [PDF] I extracted this from the complaint as well and OCR’d the pages. So, even though the pages are scans of the partnership agreement, you can search for terms with the agreement. Not the usual stuff posted on this site, but it’s a contract.


Investing in a Tax Shelter

San Jose Mercury: Tech Execs Sue Over Tax Shelter. Five Silicon Valley executives — including four with ties to Cisco Systems — are suing Ernst & Young, claiming the Big 4 accounting firm peddled them a tax shelter that left them owing millions of dollars in taxes, penalties and damages. The five men invested more than $50 million total, a sum that the Internal Revenue Service estimates would generate $150 million in tax losses.

Invest in a company I get. Invest in real estate I get. But, invest in a tax shelter? Huh? I’m not sure invest is the right word to use. At least, unless people are investing at the craps table in Vegas as well. Robert L. Puette “invested” $6,666,667 in the tax shelter. Couldn’t find any contracts involving the other “investors” though.


JA Solar Shines

Reuters/Washington Post: China’s JA Solar soars in U.S. market debut . Stock of China’s JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd., a maker of solar cells, rose as much as 30 percent in its U.S. market debut on Wednesday, boosted by a sunny outlook for alternative energy, analysts said.

I’ve added JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. contracts to the site. Quite a few supply agreements, for those following the solar industry.

You can also find SunPower contracts on the site as well.

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Fortress Employment Agreements

Reuters/Yahoo! Finance: First US hedge fund IPO raises $634 million. After weeks of anticipation, packed road shows and massive demand, Fortress Investment Group LLC on Thursday raised $634 million with an initial public offering, the first such move by a diversified private equity and hedge fund in the United States.

Fortress Investment Group LLC contracts have been posted. Just employment agreements, if you are interested.

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West Leaves Weisel

DealBook: Thomas Weisel C.F.O. to Resign. Thomas Weisel Partners, the technology-oriented investment bank that went public a year ago, said that its chief financial officer, Robert K. West, would leave the firm April 6 to “pursue other interests.”

I’ve added Robert West’s Separation Agreement with Thomas Weisel to the website. I’m puzzled though. Why include a confidentiality clause (see ¶ 6), then turn around and publicly file it with the SEC? You can find other Thomas Weisel contracts on our website now.

Another interesting agreement is Thomas Weisel’s Employment Agreement with Thomas Weisel Partners Group Inc.. It includes the permitted uses of the Thomas Weisel name by Thomas Weisel. That’s what happens when you name a company after yourself.