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Hunton and Williams Partnership Agreement

Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Hunton & Williams In Flap With Former Partners . Is Hunton & Williams doing right by its former partners? According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month and conversations with former partners, the answer might be no.

The WSJ reports on a lawsuit between Hunton & Williams and some of its former partners. You can read all the details over on their site, as well as view a copy of the complaint. I’ve extracted the Hunton & Williams Partnership Agreement from the complaint, OCR’d, spellchecked and formatted it, for those who are interested. However, there are bound to be some errors that the spellchecker didn’t pick up. Here’s a more printer-friendly version of the partnership agreement. [PDF] I extracted this from the complaint as well and OCR’d the pages. So, even though the pages are scans of the partnership agreement, you can search for terms with the agreement. Not the usual stuff posted on this site, but it’s a contract.