severance agreement

West Leaves Weisel

DealBook: Thomas Weisel C.F.O. to Resign. Thomas Weisel Partners, the technology-oriented investment bank that went public a year ago, said that its chief financial officer, Robert K. West, would leave the firm April 6 to “pursue other interests.”

I’ve added Robert West’s Separation Agreement with Thomas Weisel to the website. I’m puzzled though. Why include a confidentiality clause (see ¶ 6), then turn around and publicly file it with the SEC? You can find other Thomas Weisel contracts on our website now.

Another interesting agreement is Thomas Weisel’s Employment Agreement with Thomas Weisel Partners Group Inc.. It includes the permitted uses of the Thomas Weisel name by Thomas Weisel. That’s what happens when you name a company after yourself.