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Initial Public Tax Deductions IPOs Struggle in Poor Showing for New Issues Demand for IPOs, already weak this year, took a turn for the worse Thursday. Three of five companies to price initial public offerings Thursday — including the $1 billion deal for phone book company Dex Media Inc. — priced well below expectations, while the other two priced at the bottom of estimates.

With so many IPOs, everyone is bound to find some contract to pique their interest. For the Fahrenheit 9/11 crowd, management consulting agreements between Dex Media and The Carlyle Group should satisfy them. Dex Media also filed those ever-popular employment agreements.

For outsourcers, Kanbay provided consulting agreements with Household International and Morgan Stanley.

Finally, for the tech crowd, Blackbaud filed a Software Transition Agreement between it and the United Way of America.


WordLogic Settles Copyright Suit

Techweb: HP, WordLogic Settle Lawsuit Hewlett-Packard Co. has settled a lawsuit in which WordLogic Corp. accused the company of using its software for handheld computers without a license, the company said Friday.

View WordLogic contracts. WordLogic did not provide a copy of its license with Compaq Computer, but I did find a Software Distribution Agreement between WordLogic and Handango.


Dreaming Green

BusinessWeek: DreamWorks’ IPO, Disney’s Nightmare. The hits just keep on coming for Michael Eisner — and not necessarily the good kind. The Disney (DIS) chief executive, under fire for apparently driving away Steve Jobs’s Pixar Animation (PIXR ) unit, now has to watch his one-time studio chief Jeffrey Katzenberg take dead aim at Disney’s animation stronghold.

DreamWorks Animation Inc. filed its IPO yesterday. Unfortunately, no material contracts were included in its filing. There will be some interesting agreements that will be filed later by amendment though, including employment/consulting agreements with Katzenberg, Geffen and Spielberg. Stay tuned.


Full House on Wall Street

Centre Daily Times: Poker is entertaining, but don’t bet on it making it into the Olympics. The Discovery Channel, quite an appropriate name, discovered it could take poker to a new level. It’s World Poker Tour, with compelling commentary from Vince Van Patten and Sexton, has become one of the top-rated shows on cable.

Interestingly, WPT Enterprises filed for an IPO. So, World Poker Tour contracts are now available, including its contract with the Travel Channel. If you are interesting in the gaming industry, see The Donald’s employment agreement with Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts as well as various Indian gaming contracts with Lakes Entertainment.


Lindows Settles Licrosoft Suit

Seattle PI: Microsoft agrees to pay Lindows Inc. to settle suit over Windows. Microsoft Corp. resolved one of its more troublesome legal challenges Monday, agreeing to pay $20 million to Lindows Inc., a small company led by an outspoken entrepreneur who wanted to invalidate the valuable Windows trademark.

View Lindows contracts from its IPO filing, including the Confidential Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release of Claims between Microsoft and Lindows, as well as various employment, licensing and distribution agreements.

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Rigged Bank

NY Times: PNC Financial Services Group Inc. to Buy Embattled Riggs Bank for $779 Million. Riggs, an old-line Washington institution with deep ties to the diplomatic community, is under congressional investigation for allegedly helping hide money for former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet and other lapses.

View Riggs Bank contracts.

corporate buzz private equity

Fahrenheit 9/11

View contracts from the Carlyle Group and United Defense, two companies mentioned in Michael Moore’s latest documentary.

Also, see Dick Cheney’s Employment Agreement and other Halliburton contracts.

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