Added Inc. contracts from their Form S-1 filings. Found a lot of offer letters.


3M Purchase Agreement

Who actually reads the Terms & Conditions prior to completing an online purchase of consumer goods? After all, we all expect nothing more than one unremarkable paragraph after another of boilerplate. At least, until it is not. The following paragraph stood out while I was glancing through the T&Cs / Purchase Agreement.

BUYER may not resell, distribute or transfer as part of commercial activity the PRODUCT(S) purchased on to any third party.

So, if you buy a pack of bandages from the manufacturer, you cannot resell them?

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Sun Microsystems Contracts

Just added Sun Microsystems Inc. contracts, including the Agreement and Plan of Merger between Oracle and Sun.


GM Contracts

When I traded in my last GM car in 1998, I was glad to finally be rid of it. Ugh. A decade later, GM sits on the brink of bankruptcy. I’ve added General Motors Corp. contracts to the site, including many that involve the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Go TARP!


Aubrey McClendon Un-wines Collection

The Wealth Report reported that Chesapeake Energy’s CEO Aubrey McClendon recently unloaded a large portion of his wine collection ($2.225 million!) at auction. The top sellers came from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, a brand Gary Vaynerchuk has yet to review. Anyways, $2 million sounds like a lot, but is really pocket change when compared to the $75 million incentive award provided in his December 2008 employment agreement with Chesapeake Energy.

Of course, the government sees nothing wrong with companies paying millions in bonuses to executives, unless they are taking TARP money.


Starbucks Lease Agreement

In Joshi v. Starbucks Corp., the plaintiffs alleged that they entered into a lease agreement with Starbucks and built a structure on the property to defendant’s specifications; however, defendant has not occupied the property and has refused to pay the rent. Exhibit A to the Complaint includes a copy of the commercial lease.


Yahoo! / Carol Bartz Offer Letter

CNET has already analyzed Carol Bartz’s compensation package. Read her offer letter for the full details.


Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment Announce Merger

Today, Live Nation and Ticketmaster Entertainment announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement. I’ve added Live Nation Inc. contracts to the site. Will post the merger agreement when it become available.

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Merrill Lynch Contracts

New York Times: Thain Says He’ll Repay Remodeling Costs. John A. Thain, the former chief executive of Merrill Lynch, defended on Monday his decisions on several fronts as he made his exit from Bank of America. But Mr. Thain sounded a bit contrite about that $35,000 commode.

Some recent Merrill Lynch contracts: the merger agreement with Bank of America, the private placement agreementwith the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the offer letter to John A. Thain.


LiveDeal Contracts

Added LiveDeal Inc. contracts.