Non-GAAP Accounting Software? Kumar, Facing Jail Time, Disavows Concept of 35-Day Month. In March of 2002, dissident Computer Associates investor Sam Wyly, who the year before had mounted an unsuccessful campaign to unseat the software company’s board of directors, demanded that CA fire its top three executives.

This coming from a company that offers solutions enabling “you to meet regulatory compliance issues.” I guess they weren’t using their own software. I’ve posted Computer Associates contracts, including a deferred prosecution agreement, on the web site.

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“I guess this is the conservative answer to Michael Moore’s “documentary.” Sinclair includes 20 FOX stations – for those seeking fair and balanced coverage. So much for the pretense of an unbiased and impartial media.”

I suppose that if one has been leaning radically to the left their entire life, that a fair and balanced look at national or world affairs may seem out of balance. Don’t worry though, you will get used to this new attitude. Truth does have a way of filtering in, to even the most closed of minds.

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