High Tech Chewing Gum

Food Production Daily: Argentina Nabs Bazooka Joe. An Argentine gum manufacturer has been granted the right to continue making Bazooka gum, despite an acrimonious end to its business relationship with the Topps company who own the iconic US brand.

The article above adds, “Topps contended that Stani held only the rights to the brand names rather than the specialized technology used to make them.” The last time I had a piece of Bazooka Joe chewing gum, it was hard and lost its flavor rapidly. Specialized technology, eh? I’ve added Topps Company contracts to the web site. No chewing gum contracts with any Argentine companies, but plenty of trading card contracts with various sports leagues.

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any intel contracts?

it seems that most of the sample contracts are from tech industries–any particular reason? Availability? Your personal preference? Do they illustrate concepts for the cle programming available through the site?

just curious

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