Mark Cuban Takes on StoresOnline, Inc.

blog maverick: Are You Ready to Claim YOUR Share of the Billions in Revenue on the Internet? That’s what invitation from C. R. Sanderson said. Its also the invitation I had been waiting on for a long time. Why? Because it came from StoresOnline. StoresOnline is a public company that i have been short in the past, but currently don’t have a position in.

The SEC lists the company as Imergent Inc. I’ve added Imergent Inc. contracts to the website. If you visit the StoresOnline website, check out their technology blog. Having visited a fair share of blogs, I’m not sure I would call their blog a blog. And, what’s up with “Visit the Blog as often as you wish, as it will be updated regularly.” The last post by the “Resource Administrator” was April 3. Uh, that’s four months ago.